mypbx firewall

Unblock your IP address from myPBX firewall

If your PBX Business Phone System was working correctly, and after you where adding a new phone extension into a Softphone (Zoiper, X-Lite, etc) or to an IP Phone it’s no longer working and your IP Phones or Softphones lost the myPBX connection it’s because your IP has been blocked by our firewall.  Unblock your […]
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ip phone network unavailable

IP Phone Network unavailable – IP Phone cannot connect to myPBX

So, you plugged in your IP Phone and it cannot connect to myPBX. IP Phone Network Unavailable If it’s displaying a message that says: Network Unavailable as shown below: Troubleshoot IP Phone Network Unavailable The possible reasons for this error are: Your Network Cable is not connected to the IP Phone in the Network Port Please […]
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Obtaining IP Address IP Phone

IP Phone cannot connect to myPBX – Obtaining IP Address!

Your IP Phone cannot connect to the PBX, and it’s displaying a No Service message along with another message that says: Obtaining IP address… like shown below? Troubleshoot Obtaining IP address on IP Phone The possible reasons for this error are: Your network cable is connected to where it shouldn’t be This is a very […]
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PBX required network ports

PBX required network ports – What network ports myPBX uses?

There are some requirements in your Internet Connection and network to make your myPBX service function. One of them is the PBX required network ports.  PBX required network ports   PBX Required network ports The following network ports must be opened in both your local network and your Internet Connection to make myPBX function: Port […]
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unknown error xlite

Unknown Error X-Lite – Contact your administrator

Getting an Unknown Error at X-Lite? Unknown Error is a common issue in X-Lite Softphone. This error message is displayed when the phone extension username or password are incorrect. In this article, we’ll show you how to troubleshoot this problem.  Unknown Error X-Lite Contact your administrator Step 1 –  Identify the Unknown error X-Lite Softphone […]
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