redirect calls mobile phone

Forward calls to mobile phones or other phone numbers is easy and a useful myPBX feature. With this option, you’ll redirect all incoming calls from your phone extension to your mobile phone to answer them when you’re out of the office.
Please notice that this will do an outgoing call to your mobile using your Phone Plan included minutes.

Forward calls to mobile phone


Step 1 – Dial the activation code and your mobile number

Go to your IP Phone and dial *21 followed by your mobile phone number (you can also type an extension number or an external landline phone number) and click Send. If you’re using a Softphone, it works the same way.

forward calls mobile phone

When someone calls your phone extension, it will ring a couple times and then, it will be redirected to your mobile phone.

Step 2 – Dial 1 or 2 in your mobile

The phone call will ring in your mobile; all you have to do is dial 1 to receive the call or 2 to deny it or hang up.

forward calls mobile phone

Step 3- Cancel forward calls to mobile with *22

To stop calls from being redirected, just dial *22 and press send in your IP Phone or Softphone.

cancel forward calls mobile phone














Fun Facts about Phone numbers

Until 1950, phone numbers were alphanumeric (yes, they had 2 letters and 5 digits) it was meant to make it easier to remember, but it also identified the region of the phone number like we do today with the phone number prefix. However, this system created confusion because when giving your phone number, some letters sound like others, so a lot of wrong numbers were given. Also, the number of combinations that were available soon became scarce due to the high growth of phone lines. Something a Boston Post author couldn’t imagine when he wrote in 1865: “Well-informed people know it is impossible to transmit the voice over wires. Even if it were, it would be of no practical value.”

PS. In 1963 Ernest J. Bonanno invented forward calls, a feature of some switching systems or PBX that redirect a call to another destination.