create pbx extension name

Create a PBX extension is easy in myPBX and it’s the first step to being able to connect your IP Phone, Softphone or device to your PBX and start receiving calls.
This tutorial explains step by step approach on how to create an extension in myPBX Control Panel.
Each user you’ve ordered at myPBX is a phone extension.

configuring zoiper Create a PBX extension

How do I create an extension in myPBX?

Login to myPBX Control Panel and follow this steps.

Step 1 – Click on Settings

On the dashboard click on settings in the navigation bar.

create pbx extension settings


Step 2 – Go to Set Phone Extensions

Once you click, a set of new links are displayed below, click on Set Phone Extensions

set phone extensions


Step 3 – Click on Proceed 

A message warning that this type of configuration may affect your PBX will be displayed, click on Proceed.

create pbx extension proceed


Step 4 – Click Add

Now you’re at the Set Phone Extensions section, click on the Add Button.
If you don’t have more available phone extensions, contact us to acquire more users.

create pbx extension add


Step 5 – Write the extension number

Type a 3 digit extension number; you can’t have two extensions with the same number.

create pbx extension number


Step 6 – Write the password

Type the phone extension password and the system will guide you to create a secure password with special characters, upper and lower case letters and numbers. This password will be used afterwards to configure the phone extension on your device.

create pbx extension password

Step 7 – Write the user email

Type a valid email address that belongs to the person using that extension. The email address can be used to receive its voicemail messages by email message.

create pbx extension email

Step 8 – Write the Name of the Extension Owner

The last field that needs to be completed is the name of the person or department (or some name that helps you identify this extension).
This name will be displayed when calling other extensions and also in the PBX Statistics Reports.

create pbx extension name


Step 9 – Save

If everything looks green and correct, it’s time to hit the Save Button

create pbx extension save


Great! you are done; your new extension will be displayed on the extensions list, you can edit the extension clicking on it.

create pbx extension done