Listening recorded calls on your PBX empowers your supervisors and managers by giving them the ability to solve issues with customers.

Here, we’ll tell you how to download and listen to your calls recordings.
Login to myPBX Control panel and follow these steps.

download help article in PDFListening and downloading recorded calls on your PBX

Step 1 – Go to Calls Registry (CDR)

Click on Calls Registry to access the Phone Calls List.

call recordings menu

Step 2 – Begin Listening recorded calls on your PBX using the Phone Calls List

In the phone list, you can type in fields to narrow the results and search for a specific call.You can also download all your recordings to create your backup; they will be sent by email.You can download or play the recordings; we have made this image to make things easier for you:

listening pbx recordings


How long are phone recordings stored?

When you hang up a call, just wait 1 to 5 minutes for the call recording to be available to download. Your service includes a call recording storage on the Cloud, the space included in your services varies depending on the number of users you ordered. All phone call recordings are kept as long as possible.
When your phone recording storage is about to get full, we automatically delete the older recordings to make space for new call recordings. Deleted call recordings cannot be recovered, so if you need to have an archive there are two options:

  1. Hire more space on the cloud for your call recordings (call to quote)
  2. Download your recordings with the Download all button and create your own backup

We store phone recordings using WAV audio format because it has no compression and provides better audio quality.

myPBX is focused on providing tools to help you grow your business. With this powerful feature, you can resolve disputes between customers and employees wisely, and get a full picture of what really happened in that conflicted phone call.