Business phone system

myPBX is a next generation PBX Business Phone system created with one single goal in mind: make your business grow.

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Keep your phone number

You can maintain your current phone number with myPBX portability or continue using your current phone provider and send your calls to myPBX Business VOIP Phone System. It’s your choice.

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Business connected

With our PBX Phone System, your locations become a team.

We connect all your offices, stores and locations into the same Business Phone system, regardless of their physical location, allowing free internal calls and call transfers.
Each location will have its own phone number and voice greeting keeping things simple and easing control.

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As flexible and mobile as you need it to be
Our last generation Business VOIP Phone system PBX enables you to have phone extensions anywhere in the world at any device, from an office IP phone to a mobile phone or computer.

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No fixed period of time contracts, secure and flawless

Our contract doesn’t have a fixed period of time and services are activated quickly.

myPBX Business VOIP Phone system is hosted at bulletproof state of the art Data Centers.

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Get in charge with our Control Panel

Using all your PBX features is easy and intuitive with our control panel at where you can add phone extensions, listen to recordings, see calls activity in real time and much more.

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Tech Support is one click away

¿Do you need help? ¡Great! We love our platform and are focused on providing the best user experience; your success is our goal.

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Solve claims like a Pro

Improve a lot your customer service with myPBX. All calls are recorded and can be heard instantly, giving your managers and supervisors a useful tool to make fast and accurate decisions when having a customer claim.

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Improve your business image

Voice Catalog and choose one of our talented voice actors in the language and accent of your choice. We can use your own recording if needed.

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Phone Conferences has never been easier

Having a phone conference with members of your team and/or outside speakers has never been simpler, they just have to dial to your business and an extension number to join the talk.

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Awesome Features

Our Business Phone System has incredible features that will increase your business productivity and improve your response time. One example is receiving voice messages in your email or forwarding phone calls to your mobile.

Getting real time information about calls not being responded and graphs to recognize your team stars that are putting all the good work in there.

We are constantly adding new features to improve myPBX platform.


Local presence in thousands of cities around the World

Increase your business in local markets adding phone number from other city. We have thousands of cities around the globe to choose from. When someone calls that number, they can be redirected to a voice menu in their own language, your current voice menu at myPBX or a particular extension number. Incoming calls are free and your customers will save a ton in long distance calls.


Free your closet space!

Move to our cloud PBX and use your closet room to what it was really meant to be, free from cables and hassles. Forget about costly calls to your PBX technician, repair costs and maintenance fees.


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Move now to myPBX, your cloud PBX Business Phone system and make your business grow today.