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Never miss another important call with myPBX!
You can achieve this using the correct phone calls answering strategy in your Voice Menu configuration. In this article, we’ll show you how it is done.

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You lost another sales call?

Your customers complain that no one is attending their calls?


Defining a Phone Calls Answering Strategy

myPBX is the solution to avoid missing calls and improving your Customer Service, increasing your sales and improving Customers’ satisfaction which result in growing your business.

Let’s suppose you don’t want to sell your sales calls. In this case, you can define that when the Sales calls are not answered for a certain amount of time, they are automatically transferred to another area like your Operator and if she doesn’t answer, the phone call will be forwarded to a mobile phone.

phone calls answering strategy

Part of your phone calls answering strategy is defining the time lapse used before the call is transferred to another Work Group, phone extension or mobile phone.
We suggest to let the phone calls ring for 15 to 30 seconds on each location before transferring them to another myPBX extension or an external phone. That way, you’ll avoid hanged up calls due to a long waiting time.

To activate this feature, we’ll need to modify the way your voice menu works. If you need the advice to plan it, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you define an optimum phone call answering strategy.

Once you have your strategy defined, contact us and we’ll set everything up so you won’t miss calls ever.

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