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PBX – Business Phone

myPBX provides PBX business phone systems for companies and small businesses, that are ready to work within minutes. It’s time to Improve your business image with the custom-tailored recording that we'll do for you using your brand, no bots or computerized voices here just choose between one of our voice talents.

Our service includes advanced features that you can find only in the most expensive PBX Systems and that you won't get from a traditional in-house PBX, such as: record each call, real-time call monitoring and reports, phone conferences on the fly, call costs control, call restriction to International numbers or mobiles or certain number, and many more.

We have other advantages that you won’t find in a traditional PBX i.e.: get phone numbers for different cities in your PBX to improve your local presence, configure your PBX so you won’t lose a call ever again, have all your branches, sales points and offices connected under one PBX, and many more.

Since myPBX is a business voip phone system in the Cloud is activated within minutes and you can answer calls from an office phone, your mobile, tablet device or a computer and it doesn't have a contract with a fixed period of time.


How do I use your PBX phone system??

Forget about having your broom closet filled with cables with an old and dusty PBX that fails in each thunderstorm. Using our service is easy and in minutes you’ll be ready to go.


Contact us. Tell us: how many phone extensions (users) do you need? Do you want to keep your existing phone number? or get a new one and choose a phone calls plan.


Make your payment and connect to your office network with our ready to use phone equipment. You can also use your computer, mobile or tablet.


Receive and make calls enjoying all the benefits myPBX offers you such as a tailored custom greeting recording with your brand


What can I do with myPBX Business VOIP Phone Systems

Our PBX phone system is one of the most technologically advanced options in the market; these are some of its features:

  • Have a custom-tailored voice greeting menu recorded by a professional voice talent
  • Improve the customer care that you provide by avoiding losing phone calls
  • Save hundreds of dollars with our unlimited phone call plans
  • Grow your business detecting people from your work team that are not working adequately and see who’s not answering or making calls
  • Easily operate a Call Center
  • Listed to the recordings of all your calls
  • Connect all your sale point, offices and branches in one PBX each with its own phone number and make internal calls for free
  • Add more phone extensions, phone lines, phone numbers anytime easily without having to wait for the PBX technician
  • Forget about expensive and time demanding PBX repairs
  • Have a local phone number for any US or Canada City
  • Have US toll free numbers
  • Improve your local presence around the World adding local phone numbers for thousands of cities around the globe
  • Do phone conferences in a breeze