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You’ll love our IP Phones equipped with HD Voice to enjoy myPBX 100% digital calls high quality.

Our users may configure their myPBX extension on their  Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.
However, we recommend using an IP Phone over any of the previous devices since it’s more comfortable and the quality of the call doesn’t depend in opening an App, the battery of your device or the speed of your computer.


Our phones have the following features:
  • They work with the myPBX system
  • Two years guarantee
  • Build to last tested for office use
  • Two network ports, one goes to your router and the other one to your computer*
  • Nice design and easy to use interface
  • Incredible HD sound quality
  • Place it on your desktop or wall
  • Phone directory
  • Speaker
  • Call waiting and transfer
  • Headset YHS32 compatible*
  • Conference Calls
  • Silent mode
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Headset and speaker volume
  • Voicemail led indicator
  • Call History
*Except Wireless phones and Conference Phone

IP Phones

Our IP Phones for sale are compatible with myPBX platform. Most of them need to be connected using the network cable to your router. However, if your computer is already cabled by network cable, you can plug the cable to the IP Phone and the computer to the IP Phone with the supplied network cable. If you don’t have a cabled network, the wireless phones are a great option.

Your network mostly have Internet connection to make the VOIP Telephony work, visit the requirements page for more information.

Prices are listed in US dollars and are subject to change without further notice. If you live in Georgia in the United States, the State Sales Tax of 8.9% will be added to the price. For more information on the terms and conditions for the IP Phones for sale visit the page of Terms of Sale of IP Phones and Equipment.