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myPBX Business Phone System Pricing

Users are each phone extension that you have in your PBX Business Phone System.You’ll pay each month for your myPBX service; there’s no minimum contract period you may cancel anytime.

2 Users $14.94 ORDER NOW
3 to 6 Users $13.45 ORDER NOW
7 to 12 Users $11.95 ORDER NOW
13 to 19 Users $10.45 ORDER NOW
20 to 29 Users $8.95 ORDER NOW
30 to 49 Users $6.45 ORDER NOW
50 to 74 Users $5.45 ORDER NOW
75 to 99 Users $4.95 ORDER NOW
100 to 124 Users $4.65 ORDER NOW
125 to 149 Users $4.35 ORDER NOW
150 to 174 Users $4.05 ORDER NOW
175 to 199 Users $3.75 ORDER NOW
200 to 249 Users $3.55 ORDER NOW
250 or more Users $3.45 ORDER NOW

What’s included?

  • One US or Canada phone number of the city of your choice
  •   Two Phone lines so you can have two phone calls simultaneously
  •   Unlimited free calls between users regardless of their physical location
  •   One month calls recordings
  •   Initial PBX setup and customize voice menu recording according to your needs
  •   All myPBX functions such as: send phone calls to mobile, send voicemails to email, call reports, live call monitoring and many more.
  •  100 minutes of calls US or Canada for free


Additional US or Canada phone number $8.99 per phone number
Additional phone line to receive one more simultaneous phone call $4.95 per phone line
Mexico phone number Hire a Mexico Phone Plan
Additional setup and recording of customized voice menu according to your needs $49.99
Keep phone recordings for more time Call to quote

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Virtual PBX Phone System

myPBX communications platform is more affordable than traditional PBX phone systems and in the long run, it has a smaller proprietorship cost that any common PBX or virtual PBX.

Our awesome features increase your business productivity and improve your customer care service making myPBX a smart investment.

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