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PBX Voice Catalogue

myPBX Voice Catalogue has dozens of talents from all around the World. Choose the voice talent that you like the most and fits your business image. Our voice artists speak natively English, Spanish, French and many more languages.

Your myPBX Business Phone System includes one custom recording made with the text you provide; there are different voice modulations that you can hear in our voice talents demo recordings below.


These are our voice talents for English recordings, their accent varies. Some speak Spanish as well which makes them a great selection if you need a recording in two languages.


Below, you’ll find our voice talents for Spanish. Most of them have a neutral Spanish accent which makes them great for targeting any country. Some can make a recording in English as well which is awesome if you need a recording in English and Spanish (look for them in the English section).


At myPBX we have voice talents from the most common languages in the Globe. That’s ideal if your company needs a secondary voice recording in another language.