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Phone Services

myPBX provides next generation phone service to small business and companies of all sizes.

Do you have a phone number already? We can do the portability to myPBX, allowing you to preserve your actual phone number, of your US phone number, Canada, Mexico or your country phone number.

With our PBX service you can have local phone numbers from any US city and more than 60 countries like Canada or Mexico.

Do you want your business to look bigger? We have US Toll Free numbers. Toll-free numbers from Canada and Mexico are also available.

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US phone number Portability and Canada

Change your landline phone number or mobile phone number to myPBX, except for some cases. Generally, it’s possible to keep your actual phone number even if you are changing from your code area.

Please keep in mind that if your phone number is part of an Internet connection, there may be additional steps to transfer it while preserving your Internet service.

The portability process may last up to 30 days depending on your current provider, while the portability is done we can provide a temporary phone number to use with myPBX service.

Phone numbers from the cities of more than 60 countries

Besides our local phone call plans for the US, Canada and Mexico, myPBX provides telephone numbers for the following countries allowing you to increase your local presence where needed.

United States Georgia Panama
Canada Germany Peru
Mexico Greece Poland
Algeria Guatemala Portugal
Algeria Guatemala Portugal
Argentina Hong Kong Puerto Rico
Australia Hungary Romania
Austria Hungary Romania
Bahrain Indonesia Serbia
Belgium Ireland Singapore
Brazil Israel Slovakia
Bulgaria Italy Slovenia
Chile Jamaica South Africa
Colombia Japan South Korea
Costa Rica Jordan Spain
Croacia Latvia Sweden
Cyprus Lithuania Switzerland
Czech Republic Luxembourg Taiwan
Denmark Malasya Thailand
Dominican Republic Malta Turkey
El Salvador Netherlands United Kingdom
Estonia New Zealand Venezuela
Finland Nicaragua Viet Nam
France Norwey

International Portability

We can do the portability of a phone number from any of the following countries to myPBX business phone system.

Estados Unidos Gratis Latvia $ 55
Canadá Gratis Lituania $ 55
México Gratis Luxemburgo $ 65
Australia $ 80 Malta $ 50
Austria $ 85 Holanda $ 55
Bahrain $ 55 Nueva Zelanda $ 95
Bélgica $ 55 Noruega $ 55
Brasil $ 55 Panamá $ 55
Chile $ 40 Perú $ 40
Croacia $ 55 Polonia $ 38
Chipre $ 75 Portugal $ 40
República Checa $ 65 Puerto Rico $ 55
Dinamarca $ 60 Rumania $ 70
Estonia $ 54 Eslovaquia $ 70
Finlandia $ 110 Eslovenia $ 70
Francia $ 55 Sudáfrica $ 110
Alemania $ 55 España $ 45
Grecia $ 55 Suecia $ 75
Hungria $ 55 Suiza $ 75
Irlanda $ 55 Turquia $ 75
Israel $ 55 Reino Unido $ 55
Italia $ 55

* Todos los precios está en USD

Mexico Portability

Mexico phone number portability process is free and lasts 7 days. Currently, we support the following cities:

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Phone number from one or many cities, it’s your choice

Make local phone calls from myPBX, just hire a phone plan from that country and when you dial the phone call will be done automatically using the city number from that country that you choose. Let’s say your main number is from New York City when you dial any US phone number your call will come out from your NY phone (212) XXX-XXXX, but if you dial to a Mexico phone number your call will come out from your Mexico City phone (55)-XXX-XXXX
You can have phone numbers from hundreds of cities around the world that will be connected to your myPBX phone system.

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Smart IP VOIP Phone System

myPBX provides 100% digital phone lines service with high definition voice quality.Our PBX platform allows you to have one or many phone numbers from US Cities, US Toll-Free numbers and other countries phone numbers.

When you receive a call in any of your myPBX phone numbers a custom-made recording with your company name will answer the call. Our intelligent IP VOIP phone system allows you to answer using a different recording and options for each city or country in different languages. That way you’ll increase your local presence in the city where you have more customers while saving your customers a ton on International calls.

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