Listening and downloading recorded calls on your PBX

Listening recorded calls on your PBX empowers your supervisors and managers by giving them the ability to solve issues with customers. Here, we’ll tell you how to download and listen to your calls recordings. Login to myPBX Control panel and follow these steps. Listening and downloading recorded calls on your PBX Step 1 – Go […]
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pbx working schedule manage

How to setup PBX working schedule – Configuring work hours on myPBX

You can define your PBX working schedule (your usual work hours) on your PBX business phone system. Doing this configuration will enable opening and closing time of your PBX. That way, when someone calls on non-business hours, they will hear a different recording telling them that your business is closed, instead of just waiting for […]
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phone call strategy

Phone Calls Answering Strategy – Stop missing calls

Never miss another important call with myPBX! You can achieve this using the correct phone calls answering strategy in your Voice Menu configuration. In this article, we’ll show you how it is done.  Download Phone Calls Answering Strategy You lost another sales call? Your customers complain that no one is attending their calls?   Defining […]
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pbx voice catalog

Guide to Customize your PBX – myPBX custom recording guide

Here, we’ll show you how to customize your PBX service so you can get the most out of our awesome features. When your PBX is activated, it contains a default recording that says: “Thank you for calling! If you know your party’s extension, dial it now or hold while we transfer your call to the […]
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redirect calls mobile phone

Forward calls to mobile phone or other phone numbers

Forward calls to mobile phones or other phone numbers is easy and a useful myPBX feature. With this option, you’ll redirect all incoming calls from your phone extension to your mobile phone to answer them when you’re out of the office. Please notice that this will do an outgoing call to your mobile using your […]
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work group report graphic

Work Group Calls Report – Useful information for your business

Stats provided by myPBX like the Work Group Calls Report are a great feature. With such information, you can get a glance at how things are working in your business and adjust accordingly. Login to the Control Panel to browse the Work Group Calls Report, it can be seen in the Dashboard (main page). Work […]
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create pbx extension name

Create a PBX extension – Add a myPBX extension

Create a PBX extension is easy in myPBX and it’s the first step to being able to connect your IP Phone, Softphone or device to your PBX and start receiving calls. This tutorial explains step by step approach on how to create an extension in myPBX Control Panel. Each user you’ve ordered at myPBX is […]
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