mypbx firewall

Unblock your IP address from myPBX firewall

If your PBX Business Phone System was working correctly, and after you where adding a new phone extension into a Softphone (Zoiper, X-Lite, etc) or to an IP Phone it’s no longer working and your IP Phones or Softphones lost the myPBX connection it’s because your IP has been blocked by our firewall.  Unblock your […]
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create pbx extension name

Create a PBX extension – Add a myPBX extension

Create a PBX extension is easy in myPBX and it’s the first step to being able to connect your IP Phone, Softphone or device to your PBX and start receiving calls. This tutorial explains step by step approach on how to create an extension in myPBX Control Panel. Each user you’ve ordered at myPBX is […]
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x-lite configure phone extension sip account

X-Lite Configuring phone extensions on a computer

If you want to use your computer for talking with your myPBX service you may do it by with X-Lite configuring phone extensions tutorial. We have also a help article for Installing X-Lite Softphone and information to create a PBX extension. Step 1 – Get your phone extension information Login to the Control Panel and go to […]
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