mypbx firewall

If your PBX Business Phone System was working correctly, and after you where adding a new phone extension into a Softphone (Zoiper, X-Lite, etc) or to an IP Phone it’s no longer working and your IP Phones or Softphones lost the myPBX connection it’s because your IP has been blocked by our firewall.

download help article in PDF Unblock your ip address from mypbx firewall

To enforce security and avoid unauthorized access to your PBX, we block all IP’s that try to login with incorrect username or password for a phone extension. You can add IP Addresses to our white list so they won’t be blocked ever.

How do I unblock my IP address from myPBX firewall?

Login to myPBX Control Panel and click on Settings -> Firewall and click on Proceed.

unblock ip address mypbx firewall

Your current IP was blocked by the firewall

No worries, once you entered the Firewall Settings it will be automatically added to the White List.

ip address white list firewall


If a different IP was blocked by myPBX firewall

You can unblock other IP’s easily just read the instructions on this image:

mypbx firewall

WARNING- DO NOT UNBLOCK IP ADDRESSES if you are not sure they belong to you, otherwise you will be helping unwanted visitors to attempt using your phone extensions.