unknown error xlite

Getting an Unknown Error at X-Lite?

Unknown Error is a common issue in X-Lite Softphone. This error message is displayed when the phone extension username or password are incorrect. In this article, we’ll show you how to troubleshoot this problem.

download help article in PDF Unknown Error X-Lite Contact your administrator

Step 1 –  Identify the Unknown error X-Lite Softphone message

If you cannot connect to your myPBX phone extension, look for the error displayed at X-Lite if the message is “Unknown error. Contact your administrator” your phone extension password and/or username are typed incorrectly.

unknown error xlite

Step 2 -Login to the Control Panel and go to Instructions on your phone extension.

Login to Control Panel, then go to Settings -> Set Phone Extensions > Click on the desired extension -> Instructions
Here, you’ll find the correct Password for your phone extension.

unknown error x-lite

Step 3 – Change X-Lite Account Settings

Go to X-Lite settings for your account and change the username and password with the correct information. Once done your extension should work.

Still getting the same error?

It’s possible that if you copy & paste the password, some additional characters are being copied without you noticing it.
Try copy and paste the password into the Notepad app (if using Windows) or TextEdit app (if you are using a Mac) and then copy and paste the password again into X-Lite.
Also double check the SIP server address.