PBX required network ports

There are some requirements in your Internet Connection and network to make your myPBX service function. One of them is the PBX required network ports.

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PBX Required network ports

The following network ports must be opened in both your local network and your Internet Connection to make myPBX function:

  • Port 5060 in TCP
  • Ports 10,000 to 20,000 in UDP

These are common ports used by several applications and devices, so they are opened in most networks.
If your Internet Connection is working fine and you cannot connect to your myPBX, this is the most common reason.

How can I test my network?

The simplest way to test your network is with Zoiper Softphone, we have a Zoiper installation tutorial.

In one of the steps to configure it, Zoiper will test the Network Ports. If it’s not successful, you will see an image similar to this one:

PBX required network ports

If you have Internet Connection, that means that the ports are closed in your local network or within your Internet provider.

How do I open the ports?

If you’re in a public network such as a Hotel, Airport, etc. we are sorry but you cannot do this, please use myPBX in another network.

If you’re in a Company or another type of organization, please consult your network administrator, and show him this information, he can do it in a blast.

However, if you have a simple office network with a Router that provides the Internet, it’s possible that your Internet Provider has this ports closed, please contact your Internet Provider.

And remember that we are here to help and can guide you to detect the issue so you can fix it.