ip phone network unavailable

So, you plugged in your IP Phone and it cannot connect to myPBX.

download help article in PDFIP Phone Network Unavailable

If it’s displaying a message that says: Network Unavailable as shown below:

ip phone network unavailable

Troubleshoot IP Phone Network Unavailable

The possible reasons for this error are:

  1. Your Network Cable is not connected to the IP Phone in the Network Port
    Please look at the back of the IP Phone and verify that you are using the port labeled Internet as shown here:ip phone network cable
  2. Your network cable is broken
    If you have the cable in the right place please try using a different network cable; you can try plugin the phone to the network cable of any computer that has active Internet.
  3. Your network node is not working
    You may be using a network node that is not working, please try using a different network node. You can also unplug a network cable from a computer that has Internet and plug it to the phone to trouble shoot this issue.

Once your phone is connected to a network that has power, you will see a message that says Obtaining IP address and after that, it should connect to myPBX business phone system.