zoiper android configuration

The Zoiper app is a softphone that you can use in your Android mobile phone or device to connect to your myPBX phone extension.

download help article in PDF Configuring Zoiper on Android device

Warning regarding using your phone extension on a mobile device

We strongly suggest that you use your phone extension on a mobile device only in special cases and not on a daily basis since there are several drawbacks to consider:

  1. If you don’t open the App, you won’t get any calls
  2. If you block your mobile device like you normally do when you’re not using it, you’ll lose the connection to the myPBX business phone system and won’t receive any calls.
  3. Calls work great on 4G connection but on most 3G connections, connection is lost frequently resulting in call drops and robotized voice. It’s always better to use it on a Wi-Fi network.
  4. Zoiper and other Softphone applications consume lots of battery since they require a permanent connection to the server.


Configure Zoiper on Android

First login to myPBX Control panel and get your phone extension details by clicking on Settings -> Phone Extensions -> click on the desired phone extension and then on the Instructions tab.

zoiper android account info

Install and Configuration of Zoiper on Android

Now go to Google Play Store and install Zoiper App, we suggest you connect your phone to a Wi-Fi Network.
When you open Zoiper, accept the Terms and you’ll see the welcome screen.
On the first field type with no spaces your phone extension username followed by the “at” symbol and then the SIP Server.
On the field below type your password.
On the next screen, you’ll see your SIP Server name again, leave it like that and click next.

zoiper android configuration


Now write the authentication name and leave empty the Outbound proxy.

zoiper android authentication


PBX Hostname

Now type your SIP Server as follows

zoiper android hostname

Zoiper Configuration Test

The Zoiper config will perform tests and find your SIP server; click Finish.

zoiper android test

If the test is unsuccessful, please verify that your phone is connected to the Internet and that your network has the required ports for myPBX open.


Finalizing Zoiper Configuration

On the next screen depending on your settings it will ask for permissions, make sure you give permissions to your contacts and the microphone.
The configuration may show you this screen, to exit click on Accounts.

zoiper android exit config


Verifying your phone extension is connected to Zoiper

Now you’re connected, just click on the menu

zoiper android verify config

And you’ll see that the account is ready.

zoiper android config success

Happy calling!