install zoiper

Install Zoiper in a few minutes. Zoiper is a popular softphone that allows you to make calls from your myPBX service using your computer.
We strongly recommend using an IP Phone to connect to your phone extension, since you won’t miss calls when your computer is off or rebooting and it’s more comfortable.

zoiper installation windowsDownload Zoiper-softphone-installation-windows

Don’t Install Zoiper to make calls if your computer:

  1. Is slow or you’re constantly waiting for it to finish tasks
  2. If you have less than 20% of free space in the hard drive since this results in slow performance

Using a computer that is not performing well will result in bad quality voice calls, robotized voice, cuts in voice conversations and even in call drops.

Step 1 – Go to downloads page

To install Zoiper, open your browser and visit then click on Download


Step 2 – Choose an operating system and download

Click on your operating system.
install zoiper download


Step 3 – Choose the version of Zoiper

Select the desired version, save the file and wait for the download to finish.
zoiper version


Step 4 – Open the installation file

To install Zoiper, you computer may ask for permissions before executing it, grant them. In the first window click next

install zoiper


Step 5 – Accept the License Agreement

Click the option to accept the agreement and then on the Next button.

install zoiper license agreement


Step 6 – Click Next

On the next screen, you may choose to add a Desktop icon or not and click the Next button

zopier installation options


Step 7 – Choose the installation location

Here you can change the installation location if you don’t know what this is for just click the Next button.

install zopier installation path

Step 8 – Choose a name on the Start Menu

Typed name will appear in your Windows Start menu; you can leave the default or write whatever helps you to identify this application like i.e. myPBX Phone Extension

zopier installation start menu


Step 9 – Choose an Architecture

If your computer supports it, it’s always preferable to choose 64 bits. If you don’t know what is this just leave the default option and click the Next button.

zopier installation architecture

Step 10 – Who can use the program

Select if all the users in the computer can use Zoiper or only you. Please notice other users will have to type their own phone extension information to be able to connect. If you are not sure just leave the All Users option selected.

zopier installation scope

Step 11 – Install Zoiper begins

Zoiper is ready to install just click on Next.

zopier ready to install

Step 12 – Installation Finished

All set you have installed zoiper; please refer to our Zoiper Configuration article to set up your phone extension.

install zoiper finished