x-lite configure phone extension sip account

If you want to use your computer for talking with your myPBX service you may do it by with X-Lite configuring phone extensions tutorial.

We have also a help article for Installing X-Lite Softphone and information to create a PBX extension.

Step 1 – Get your phone extension information

Login to the Control Panel and go to Settings -> Set Phone Extensions.
Now click on the extension you want to configure and then in the Instructions tab, you’ll see there the phone extension info:

x-Lite configuring phone extensions mypbx


Step 2 – Go to Account Settings on X-Lite

Open the X-Lite app and click on Account Settings.
If you already have an account configured click on Softphone -> Account Settings

x-Lite configuring phone extensions open


Step 3 – Configure the Extension on X-Lite

Using the Control Panel phone extension information setup the account on X-Lite following this instructions:

x-Lite configuring phone extensions sip account

Step 4 – You are all set with x-lite configuring phone extensions

Your phone extension has been configured sucessfully. You should see Available in the Presence Status as shown in the image.
If it’s not working please read Unknown Error X-Lite – Contact your administrator.

x-Lite configuring phone extensions ready