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myPBX Phone Equipment Sales Contract Annex

Download myPBX Phone Equipment Sales Contract Annex

Phone Equipment Sales Contract Annex to the Services Contract celebrated between myPBX and the Customer.

  1. Contract Annex Purpose.
    This Contract Annex specifies the Terms and Conditions of the sale of Phone Equipment to be used with the myPBX Platform
  2. Service Description
    All Phone Equipment sold is brand new and before shipping it, myPBX will configure the Phone Equipment to make them work with the Customer PBX and ensure its proper functioning.
  3. Sale of Phone Equipment
    Pricing for buying and shipping the Phone Equipment can be found at myPBX Website. Estimated delivery time is one week once it has been paid. In some occasions, it can be more due to issues with the shipping or stock issues.
  4. Phone Equipment Guarantee
    Phone Equipment has a warranty issued by the manufacturer. The Guarantee Period starts once the customer pays for the equipment. If the customer needs to make valid its guarantee, he must ship the Phone Equipment so that it can be received at least two weeks before the guarantee period expires. The customer will be solely responsible for covering the shipping costs back and forward.
  • Yealink Phone Equipment with the exception of headsets have two years guarantee; it can be shipped without the original packaging
  • FXO4, FXO8, FXO16 and SV100G have one-year warranty and they must be shipped with the original packaging and all its accessories.
  • Guarantee exclusions:

4.3.1 Headsets do not have a warranty since they are fragile equipment and the manufacturer does not protect it

4.3.2 The Phone Equipment warranty does not cover the following  accessories:

i) power source, ii) network cable, iii) cable that connects the headset to the phone, iv)  phone support base, v) phone headset and iv) rechargeable batteries of all sorts

4.3.3 Warranty will be void if the Phone Equipment presents:

i) signs of abuse, scratches or damage,

ii) electric damage (discharges) and

iii) damage due to liquid spills or blows