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Phone Rental Contract Annex

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Phone Rentals Contract Annex of the Services Contract celebrated between myPBX and the Customer.

  1. Contract Annex Purpose
    This annex specifies the terms and conditions of the Phone Equipment Rentals (leasing) offered by myPBX
  1. Service Description
    For this Contract, Phone Rental or Leasing is understood as a loan of Phone Equipment owned by myPBX to the Customer in exchange for a monthly rental fee. The Customer is responsible for taking care and have a good use of the Phone Equipment leased by myPBX and will be responsible for damages, malfunctioning, and damages that may occur to the Phone Equipment. The customer is solely responsible for paying shipping cost of the Phone Rental equipment back and forward. The leased phone equipment will work exclusively with the myPBX Platform
  1. Phone Equipment Rental
    The customer will pay a monthly rental fee for the leased equipment along with its payment for the myPBX Platform. Pricing for the rental of Equipment can be found at the myPBX website.
  2. Refundable Guarantee Deposit Along with the first-month rental fee, the customer must pay a refundable guarantee deposit according to the value at the myPBX website. To cancel the Phone Equipment rental, the customer will ship at his own expense the Phone Equipment leased.
    The Guarantee Deposit will be refunded as long as the Phone Equipment is received in a good working and aesthetic condition. myPBX may consider that the equipment doesn’t meet it’s working condition or aesthetic condition in which case the Guarantee Deposit will not be refunded.

If the Phone Equipment it’s returned incomplete, myPBX will deduct from the Guarantee Deposit the following amounts:

  • 40% If the original packing is missing
  • 25% If any of the following are missing: network cable or headset cable
  • 100% If any of the following components are missing: power source, phone base or phone headset
  1. Rental Phone Equipment Guarantee
    If there’s a malfunction in the Phone Equipment, myPBX will replace the equipment following this procedure:
  1. The customer will ship at his own expense the malfunctioning Phone Equipment
  2. The customer will realize a payment of 50% of the cost of the new equipment plus shipping
  3. myPBX will ship an identical Phone Equipment or its equivalent if it’s discontinued

myPBX will charge the customer the Guarantee Deposit if the received equipment presents:

i) damages due blows, liquid spills

ii) electric damages or

iii) signs of mistreatment or abuse when the Phone Equipment is not in good aesthetical condition