conference call t21 conf

Using your phone T21 Conference Call feature is easy.
Conference Call allows several persons to talk simultaneously in the same phone call from different locations.
Making conference calls on myPBX is very easy; here, we’ll teach you how to make a conference call in your T21 IP Phone.
Your T21 Phone supports conference calls for up to three persons; to have a conference call, follow these steps.

Using your Phone T21 Conference Call

T21 Conference Call feature

Step 1: Have the first phone call in your phone

This is done by answering a call or calling someone.

Step 2: Add a call to the conference

Use the button labeled “Conf” in your phone

t21 call conference call

Now dial the phone extension number (or an external phone number) of the person joining the phone conference and press “Send”.

t21 conference call send

You can talk with the person from the second call privately when you are ready to start the phone conference click the button “Conf”.
Congratulations! You have made a conference phone call.

If any of the people that you’ve called hang up, you will remain talking to the other person. But if you hang up, all calls will be ended.

Fun Facts about Conference Calls

Although they may seem as a modern contraption, in fact, conference calls were developed by Bell Labs in 1956!

This was the era of room-sized computers and of course no Internet. In 1964 at the New York World’s Fair, American Telephone and Telegraph – you may know it as AT&T – introduced the Picture phone, an invention that invited the visitors to talk to persons thousands of miles away at Disneyland in California. It was revolutionary since it included a small screen connected to the phone sending visual and audio information on three phone lines simultaneously to be able to handle the bandwidth, a small black-and-white picture was sent every two seconds.